BCT file generation

Hi All,

In L4T software, in bootloader folder, BCT files are there.

In file PM375_Hynix_2GB_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA_924MHz.cfg, the content is as:

CFG Version 04

Do not edit. Generated by t132_emc_reg_toolV6.0.4 V6.0.4. Command:

t132_emc_reg_toolV6.0.4 -i ddr3_256Mx16x4_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA.par 1.08225 -dram_board_cfg 10

-is_mid_package 1 -fly_by_time_ps 1650 -o PM374_Hynix_2GB_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA_924MHz.cfg

-b PM374_tbkv/PM374_Hynix_2GB_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA_924MHz.txt

Parameter file: ddr3_256Mx16x4_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA.par, tck = 1.08 ns (924.00 MHz)

bkv file: PM374_tbkv/PM374_Hynix_2GB_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA_924MHz.txt

It is mentioning that t132_emc_reg_toolV6.0.4 tool is used to generate this BCT file.
Need to generate the BCT file for my board i.e. for different memory. But could not find this tool and its related information.

Please help.

Hi BalajiNP,

Please download the Jetson TK1 Memory Characterization Tool from Embedded Download Center:

There is a TegraK1_MemoryCharacterization_AppNote_DA07217003v02.pdf documentation inside the package.
You can get the package and follow documentation, to know how to change DVFS table/BCT etc.