Better documentation of Omniverse API

Are there plans to fill out the documentation of the Omniverse API? For instance, most functions on this page have no documentation: “omni.usd module — kit-sdk 103.1 documentation”.

Thanks @morgan.kohler! The team is currently working on improving the documentation to make it more complete and easier to read and understand.

I would really like a solid video on the api (is this the api in omni or the python api both… im confused a little here, newer to python)

I want an API record button in Omniverse to repeat my picks and clicks and print the code to copy and paste into vs code. Is this what we are talking about?

Hi A good place to start is with the Commands Window. It will list the commands that you perform interactively and then you can copy and use them to build your own scripts: Command History — Omniverse Code documentation

You may need to enable the Commands Utils extension from the Extension Manager if you don’t see the window listed.

Awesome, I will give it a go.

While we are on the topic of talking about command window, I posted another question about the commands area and using zero gravity tool, the commands generated don’t work in vs code specifically the ( <omni.physx ). Any ideas about that?

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