02-10-23 | Feature request for native Screen Recording in Omniverse

02-10-23 | Feature request for native Screen Recording in Omniverse.

One of the most amazing aspects of Omniverse is connecting everything together. Apps 2 Apps, People to People. There is a ton to learn and to share. Right now, making tutorials to help others is a fairly cumbersome process. We also see users, in Discord, documenting their Omni difficulties using cell phones to video their PC screens. In 2023, a cell phone should not be the easiest way for our users to document their screens. This is the same problem the Modo community faced in its early days. To help someone either required attempting to do so with text, or making a full video. The first was often inadequate for the receiver, but making an explainer video was cumbersome for the giver. To this day, getting the right screen capture software, plus one that displays keystrokes etc. requires a commitment and isn’t a ‘one-off’.
“Hey, I’d love to help you, but I only can use text to explain what you need to do graphically.” In addition, there are no production standards. I might send cropped graphics, or badly taken phone footage to you from any number of platforms you may or may not have access to. Yet peer to peer transmission of knowledge is one of the best ways for Omniverse to grow and its “virability” depends on accessibility. Thus I would ask, Omni’s great Dev’s if there is a way to make sharing knowledge through screen recordings more accessible?

  • Could there be a ‘Record Screen w/video’ option in Omniverse?
  • If there was a parameter that I could check to include ‘display key strokes’, that would be amazing.
  • The ability to zoom into part of the screen - that is pro level that I rarely see, but always appreciate on the receiver side. Screen recordings are ‘ground truth’ for helping others. “Oh, he clicked there… the layer is is a sub layer…” etc. Those are the details that are captured in screen recordings that are remiss in text chats and are often cumbersome to capture with stills.

Please help us grow Omniverse, by making ‘Screen Recordings’ more accessible. It could just be a dropdown menu.

Imagine if, late at night, you post the problem you are having with Omniverse, and you wake up on the morning and find a notification in the launcher that displays an explainer video that I made for you that helps you with your exact problem.
No 3d platform in the world currently offers that level of support or peer-peer sharing of knowledge.

Thanks for your time, and striving to make the impossible, possible.

Thanks @zia_s_ideas! I’ve logged this feature request as OM-86570.

When would we, or how might we get any feedback on such requests? For instance, do we get a tracking number?


Hi Zia. This is the issue number for your feature request. When the development completes it, the issue number would appear in Kit or app release notes.

Awesome! I’ve spent a fair part of the week working on documentation (mostly Blender related) which includes a lot of screen recording. Which can be an exacting process with short window of temporal value bc as soon as the GUI changes, the videos need to be redone. Such is the case with Beau’s GTC Simready presentation, which is presumably only a few months old now. So I find that documenting step by step actions the user should take, remains an interesting problem.

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