Kit quick start guide?


I’ve started looking into Kit, including documentation and deep dive videos. Is there any published quick start material, for example building a simple “hello world” app?

Hello adharder,
Thank you for posting, I will send your inquiry to the proper channels for review.
Thank you for your patience.


There is quite a lot of information on how to get started to build Apps or Extensions in the dev Manual

this sections in the extensions ( Extensions — Omniverse Kit 100.2 documentation ) is showing the API

there is a example extensions too in the SDK that you can use are reference

that you can find in the extensions Manager

If you have not yet seen it this video show some of the core concepts

That should be a good start but please don’t hesite to reach out here for more info


dfagnou, Thank you for the pointers. I’ll dig into that material.

As a follow up, is this tetris game an example of an extension? Developing a Tetris game with PixarUSD and Python Scripting in Omniverse Kit - YouTube

Can you talk about your plans for supporting interactivity? For example can I deploy an interactive application from Omniverse?