Bitmap corruption/loss of font glyphs after suspend (384.111, GTX 780)


I’ve been battling a certain set of issues with my setup for several years now, and I’ve finally gotten fed up with restarting my machine to work around the problem. The issue happened on my plain AwesomeWM setup all the way through my fancy KDE5 environment with compositor. I can sum things up as this: When resuming from suspend, it appears that some video memory suffers from corruption. This manifests as one or more symptoms:

  1. Violent colorful flickering on resume from suspend or switching from a text VT. After moving the mouse enough, waiting, and/or switching virtual desktops, it subsides and I get a normal-ish desktop. Here is a video of switching VTs. A similar effect happens when resuming from a long sleep. However, the after-sleep thrashing is much longer in duration and usually must be alleviated by switching virtual desktops.
  2. Occasional missing glyphs on fonts. Seems to happen most on text which remains static for long periods of time. If I change fonts, the problem is alleviated until the next suspend cycle.
  3. Miscellaneous bitmap corruption. For instance, notice the colorful snow on the bottom of these charts. The snow was not present until I let the computer sleep for a few hours. This *always* happens with an hour or so of sleeping.

What’s especially interesting here is that I’ve never seen the problem manifest after a brief suspend. I have to let the computer sleep for a few hours before I see any issue. Perhaps some set of buffers is not kept alive on suspend.

I’ve read lots of posts of similar issues (like this one) but as you can see, I’m running a set of drivers that should not exhibit problems.

I will post a video of (1) when I can (I have to let my computer sleep for a while).
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (303 KB)