Black screen issue of Nvidia RTX 6000 GPU

Dear Team, I am facing Nvidia RTX 6000 black screen issue on drivers update.

Dear Team,

I am facing Nvidia RTX 6000 black screen issue on drivers update. Meanwhile, I have tried to troubleshoot with following steps for black screen issue with Nvidia RTX 6000 graphics card

a. Updated drivers from Nvidia website but display not visible on screen. Only dell logo is visible at startup but after that system is on but no display, however if I access through remote connection the system is visible and GPU RTX 6000 is visible in task manager. Screen shot attached.

b. Placed the GPU in other desktop system i.e Dell 7920 but same display issue. Raised complaint online for technical assistance on 31 July 22 but no response.


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c. Also tried to search on internet regarding this bug in Nvidia graphics and hot fix driver available at Nvidia website is download and tried to install this but issue not resolved as this driver is only for GeForce cards.(geforce-hotfix-driver-version-516.79)

d. Installed new windows and drivers also. In safe mode windows screen is visible but after installing drivers of RTX 6000, the display goes out. Did all steps listed in Nvidia website for resolution of this bug. (I get a black screen after turning on my PC | NVIDIA)

Please assist if it’s hardware or software/driver issue or if any update is available.

Used following driver

Hi there @user131378!

I assume you are using a Quadro RTX 600, not an Ampere based RTX A6000?

You mentioned that you did try the GPU in a different Dell workstation, is the original machine the same workstation type?
Another question: Did you use the same driver on the second machine?

My first suggestion would be to roll back the driver to an earlier version and see if the GPU works with that. For this you need to go to the default driver download page and scroll down to chose “Beta and Older Drivers

From there set up your search like in this picture:

and then chose for example an R510 or even R470 based driver. If the GPU works with one of those, then at least the HW should be ok.

Make sure to uninstall the previous driver completely!

Dear team,
I have followed the instructions as guided and tried different versions of RTX 6000 drivers but nothing worked. Also changed the desktop system.
Please guide.

I am sorry to hear that you still have issues with your GPU.

If you cannot get the GPU to produce any output on a freshly installed system with the previously working driver, then my suggestion would be to contact the point of sale for this card and ask for an RMA if the card is still under warranty.

You mentioned that you

Raised complaint online for technical assistance on 31 July 22 but no response.

Was that with NVIDIA or the seller of the GPU?

The GPU was given as a applied research grant by Nvidia in Oct 2021. I am confused and don’t know how the procedure to claim the warranty. Also being a student I am not even able to ship it outside county. If you can please guide me on this.

I will do my best to get you some help!
Can you please send me a direct message with the details of the research grant and who your contact at NVIDIA was at the time? Please also add the ticket number of your online complaint, in case you have one.

Thank you