Blackscreen when DP and HDMI displays are connected before boot into wayland DE on RTX 3090

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (475.0 KB)

So I can boot into my wayland DE if I am using the following displays,

1 DP display

2 DP displays

1 HDMI display

But if I do

1 DP and 1 HDMI displays

2 DP and 1 HDMI displays

Once I login via sddm, all the monitors will turn black and have ‘no signal’ displayed. Plus, I cannot switch tty.

But if I login with 2 DP displays first, then physically connect my HDMI display, it works

With 2 DP and 1 HDMI displays, I can use KDE plasma 6 on X11 with no problem at all. I assume hardware is not the issue here.

The journalctl -b -1 output journalctl -b -1 -

Mar 08 14:34:22 desktop kernel: nvidia-modeset: WARNING: GPU:0: Lost display notification (0:0x00000000); continuing.

This may be the cause.

Your issue doesn’t belong here as you are using the open source driver.
File the issue at.