Blank Screen When Install Jetpack 4.4 from Scratch on Xavier

I am successfully able to flash my Xavier device with Jetson OS using the SDK Manager. However, the Ubuntu Installation Wizard does not display on the Xavier’s monitor.

After the Xavier has been flashed, the Nvidia logo does appear on the monitor. After this, I only see a flashing underscore against a black background.

This issue does not occur when I try to install Jetpack 4.3, but does when I try to install Jetpack 4.4. Two other individuals in my lab with their own Xavier devices have encountered the same issue.


Are you guys using nvidia devkit or some custom carrier boards?

We are all using the dev kit, yes. We are also installing via the SDK Manager, rather than running the installation scripts manually.

On the usb console, is the kernel stopped at the message that says to go to the screen to continue the install?

I’ve done Jetpack 4.4 several times on new Xavier’s and it does work.


  1. Could you try to use oem-config and use this interface to bypass the configuration on monitor?

Connect the type C usb cable which you used to flash the board and then use console tool to open /dev/ttyACM0 on host with baud rate 115200. It shall show a window and ask you to configure the Xavier.

  1. After the configuration, please see if monitor would have nvidia desktop or not, if it does not, please share the dmesg.

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared?

My apologies; I became sidetracked on other research.

I’m afraid running ls /dev on the host doesn’t show a “ttyACM0” after flashing the device. I also noticed that running ifconfig -a on the host does not show the “enp0s…” network devices that I would normally see.

The Jetson device does not show up under lsusb either, though that may be normal.

Please dump the serial console log and see if your device is ever booting into kernel or not.

This would require the micro-B USB to be connected. Is this done?

The naming of ethernet devices on the host PC should be unrelated to the Jetson. The “normal” name of devices would be “/dev/eth0” through “/dev/eth#”, and not the “enp#” format. The renaming to an “enp#” format is via a udev rule. Many hosts have this automatically from a default install, but not all do. What is the entire output on the host from the commands “ifconfig” and “route” when the Xavier is booted and has the micro-B USB connected, and the type-C USB connected?

Note that some content is provided via the micro-B USB for debugging, but on the Xavier, and the virtual wired ethernet is via the type-C USB.

I unfortunately do not have a micro-B USB cable but just ordered one. I’ll report back on what the serial log (as well ifconfig, route, ls /dev) says.

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It looks like a patch to Jetpack resolved my issue; I believe it was Jetpack 4.4.1. This thread can be closed.