Blender Installation takes forever

화면 캡처 2024-02-07 140945

When I tried to download blender usd, Installation is not finished. But showing ‘installing - register’.

and I closed Omniverse program and restarted. the Error message showed up. How can I fix it??

@jcan3211 i am just a passer by. the Blender installation shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes in my experience.

could you try rebooting your machine and restarting the installation as soon as you are logged into Windows? Also, are you having similar issues when installing other OV apps (like Composer or Presenter) or just Blender? is it safe to assume you have write access to D drive?

This error is telling you it cannot install Blender because some important Blender or OV file is currently still in use. You can either launch task manager and manually kill any Blender or OV threads, or just log off Windows and re-login with a fresh windows session and try again.