Installation error for Blender Alpha 3.1 USD App


I am unable to install the Blender Alpha 3.1 USD app, this is the message I keep getting:

Error occurred during installation of Blender 3.1 alpha USD branch: Command failed: “C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\blender-3.1.0-usd.100.1.10\omni.blender.install.bat”
Address : (I removed this details because I’m not sure if it should be made public)
Module : blender.exe
Thread : 000018d0

System Info:
Window 11
Ryzen 9
RTX Ge Force 3080

Can you help?

I think you should give Omniverse the admin right. I usually don’t install things in C but when it happens, it usually fails until I run it with the admin right.

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