Blendshape Solve not working in Audo to Face 2023.1.1

Face animation results are good but I cant transfer Blendshapes.


@mdtahreem i wonder if this post will help narrow things down for you.

if it doesn’t, you could consider posting a screenshot(s) of your mesh and some of the settings you were using. that may give the devs a bit more context to your issue you are experiencing or whether it’s app related or not.

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A2F log file : kit_20230823_220108.log - Google Drive

Setup Video: N/A

I used these settings, Didnt work :(
screen 3

It looks like you’ve generated blendShapes after applying A2F Pipeline. While we’re working on this bug, you can try generating the blendShapes before applying A2F Pipeline.

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OMG ITS WAS A BUG… I broke my head for last 24 hrs XD

It works with the blendShapes generated before applying A2F Pipeline

Thank you <3

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