Boot freezing on ubuntu 21.04 after nvidia-driver installation (hybrid GPU Intel and RTX A4000, kernel=


I’ve got a new precision laptop from dell and as soon as I installed nvidia-driver on it I started to have booting troubles.
After two days of investigation, I see that when I do “prime-select intel” it boots, if instead I do “prime-select nvidia” it doesn’t boot anymore freezing somewhere before X starts.

I tried with several nvidia drivers ranging from 450 to 495,
on ubuntu 20.04 and 21.04 it is also the same issue.

I basically need the drivers to get CUDA running and be able to use the GPU for computation. I don’t care if intel gpu is completely disabled, but unfortunately the dell bios does not allow me to do that.

I am joining the log report (that is made with prime-select intel, otherwise I can’t even boot.

nvidia-bug-report.log (1.3 MB)

I have seen quite a few post with the same type of issue,
but couldn’t fine a working solution in any of those.

Your help is really appreciated.

The Ubuntu kernel 5.13.0-27 has a bug, please check grub menu for an earlier kernel.

Good to know…

In the meanwhile, as I was desperate, I wiped my disk and restarted from the Ubuntu 20.04 ISO image (that I’ve found on dell website) that is dedicated to my laptop.
I was able to reinstall everything from there and noticed that they actually have a lot of dedicated drivers…
nvidia-driver-XXX-oem version compared to nvidia-driver-XXX.
I am not quite sure what is the difference, but to avoid a big mess again
I froze those package version using “apt-mark hold”, I’ve also froze the linux-image for the same reason.
For info, “prime-select” is set on nvidia by default.

Everything is working fine with this setup…
Thanks for helping anyway.