Boot Orin NX with USB Drive

Team, I want to create a “safe” full disk image of my Orin NX board before I mess around with anything on this embedded OS. To do so I would like to boot Orin NX from a USB flash drive and use DD. I’m able to boot from a USB flash drive using Ubuntu 22.04 for ARM64, however, at the Grub 2.06 menu when I choose the ‘Use or Install Ubuntu’ option…nothing happens…it looks like it just hangs.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on the following:

  1. Cloning my Orin NX disk?
  2. Booting my Orin NX board from a USB flash drive?

I think there are some misunderstanding … The software/firmware/BSP running on Jetson board is a customized one called L4T (Linux for Tegra). It won’t work with just upstream Ubuntu22.04 ISO or image you downloaded from somewhere.

@WayneWWW, is there a recommended way to create an image of Orin NX?

I think we better clarifying this first in case you try something wrong and waste time.

Is this your first day trying to boot from Orin NX? If so, I think you better starting from the basics but not thinking about creating an image…

@WayneWWW, I have a board that was pre-installed with a ROS2 stack. I would prefer not to mess around or install any libs until I have an image of the current state of the OS stack. I hope that makes sense now.

Is there a recommended way to “clone” an Orin NX stack? I’d really appreciate any help. If you don’t know I understand…I’ll escalate as needed. Please let me know.

  1. Creating a usb drive may not really avoid the “mess up” of the board because there are some software running on the QSPI flash memory of the module itself. Please be aware of that.

  2. To clone a usb drive, there is document mentioned here.
    Flashing Support — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

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BTW, already had a pre-installed ROS2 stack board has nothing to do with previous comment. It is always better if you could get familiar with how this board works (flash/boot process).

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@WayneWWW totally agree…the docs you just sent are perfect and i’ll review ALL the docs before I do anything on that OS stack…this is what I needed just a pointer to the right docs.

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