Broken extensions no longer even start up after updating Code

So I had some extensions I was working on (trying to do some pub sub with paho-mqtt). They never quite worked, something was wrong with the looping mechanism, would get lots of "coroutine ‘____’ was never awaited runtime warnings. The scene updates I was trying to do would work once and then (most of the time) fail with some [py stderr] and (most of the time) not work again till I restarted the extension. But they ran enough for me to be able to try and get some comprehensible error messages, and try to debug to get to the bottom of things.

I updated to the latest version of Code (partially in the hope maybe that would help) and now the extensions don’t even start up making debugging even harder.
Specifically the message I get is
“Failed to startup python extension”

Do you know why this might be happening? Anything I can do to fix it? Failing that, is there a way I can upgrade and downgrade Code at will? Not being able to run the extensions to debug them will make getting them to a usable state much much harder.

I appreciate any ideas!

Hi @paz.zait-givon. Sorry you’re having trouble. Could you share a full log of the error? How to Report an issue with Omniverse

It might be worth sharing the code too since it sound like you might be having some async issues with your code.