Bug: VM crashing running GPU-Z 1.17

Hello there,
Following bug is found with M60-xenserver7-windows 2016 setup.

VM: Windows 2016
Xenserver 7 (all patches applied)
GPU: Tesla M60
vgpu profile: 2Q,4Q,8Q,8A

Issue: When I run gpu-z, nvidia vgpud crashes, and VM halts itself.


It’s not an NVIDIA bug, it’s a bug in the latest version of GPU-Z and has been experienced by other forum users.

Use an earlier version and you should be ok.


Hey BJ,
Thank you for your reply. I agree with you, it’s GPU-Z related by why GPU-Z works with K2 but not M60 is my question. I pushed the same question to GPU-Z and they said it’s nvidia how they represent the hardware to GPU-Z.


I’ll try an older grid driver to make sure, it’s not driver specific issue.


Sorry, I couldn’t manage to free up another host to test old driver. Need nvidia to release fix in the driver.


I’m the author of GPU-Z, please contact me, w1zzard@techpowerup.com

Hi W1zzard,
We encountered the same problem. Is there a solution for this issue?