Buggy drivers - switch off my laptop

The last linux nvidia470 drivers, kill my laptop. Random shutdown without any log, warning, etc. (sometime shuthdown computer off when the display is off by energy saving )
The laptop: DELL Inspiron 7737 with NVIDIA Corporation|GK107M [GeForce GT 750M] [DISPLAY_3D] (rev: a1)

The last stable and WORKING version was: nvidia470-470.129.06
Tested kernels: 5.15.85
(470.129.06 cannot build kernel module with latest 6.x kernel)

The wong drivers versions what i tested and build with latest 6.x kernels and 5.x.x as well:

  • 470.161.03 (patched for 6.x)
  • 470.182.03 (patched for 6.x)
  • 470.199.02 (native build)

Stranger things…
I tried use driver, unload from the kernel, and I get strange lspci output that this card is a Geforce 745. Wtf? How? I cleaning system, rebuild latest drivert, I get back Geforce 750M. LOL

But the PC switching off (like when any power are disconnected) random still now if nvidia 470 driver loaded!

And now the computer turns off when any nvidia470 driver is loaded. I don’t understand this because the system was up for several weeks straight until I start use this new nvidia driver…