Build number problem on NVIDIA DRIVE 5.0 Linux PDK installation

I’m writing build number but it doesn’t accept. (ubuntu version number)

BUILD Number for DRIVE 5.0 may be b19, b3 and b96 etc.
BTW, can DRIVE PDK be installed on Jetson TX2?

Thanks @MtHiker

My purpose is programming SPE-fw (Cortex-R5) for FreeRTOS.
Before install SPE-fw, I need to install some prerequisites like the foundation package.

But how can I learn build number ?

Hi TunaHanUlusoy,

The DRIVE SW can’t be installed on Jetson platform, that’s for DRIVE platform only.
For SPE and RTOS, please find the Jetson Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) Software Sources from download center for more information -


build numbers were attached at the end of installer packages, as I know.

How can I install Free RTOS in Jetson TX2 ? I know that Jetpack 4.2.1 includes FreeRTOS support.