How to build the T210

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I am new and planning to compile the SPE Jetson unit
Model P3450 , as per online search it appears to be T210 model
I could not find the build detail for T210
Only T194 and T186 is available, please help

Jetson Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) Developer Guide: Compiling and Flashing (

Jetson Nano is using GPU with Maxwell arch. Which means it is t210 SoC as the tx1.
Jetson TX2 series are all Pascal GPU. (T186)
And Jetson NX and AGX are both Volta GPU. (T194)


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There is no on SPE for Nano, only for AGX Xavier and Jetson TX2.

Hi kay Thank you for quick reply
I think no is typed as “on”, (just to confirm)
is there any git repo for SPE code for T186 and t194

Yes, it’s my typo, just corrected it. Thanks.

Please find the source package from Sensor Processing Engine Sources, it’s located at each release page

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