Jetson Nano Pinmux config file generation


In Jetson Nano L4T directory for 32.5.1 I did not see directory path Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/pinmux/t19x to generate the .cfg file from our modified pinmux using python scrip, Can you tell me how to generate the .cfg file for nano?

Where the script to generate the .cfg file are placed for nano?

t210 SoC (TX1/Nano) does not need to convert it to cfg file. Just add the dtsi file to the dts.

t18x is for TX2 series SoC
and t19x is for Xavier series.

It generate 2 dtsi files, tegra210-jetson_nano_module-pinmux.dtsi and tegra210-jetson_nano_module-gpio-default.dtsi
where do I need to put them I did not get the pat you mentioned, any guide specific to nano?
do I need to rename them or anything?

Download the source code from the dlc and go to the hardware/nvidia/platform/t210/porg. Search pinmux and gpio as filename keyword.

And follow the developer guide to rebuild your dtb.

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sure. thank you

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