Building Yocto Image for Jetson TX2 Devkit (4GB)

I recently purchased a Jetson TX2 Devkit (4GB) and am having trouble building a Yocto image for it following the RidgeRun documentation (

I’ve followed the steps outlined in the “Yocto Support for NVIDIA Jetson Platforms - Setting up Yocto” guide on the RidgeRun website, but I’m encountering difficulties. I’m unsure if the “kirkstone” branch of the Poky repository fully supports my Jetson TX2 Devkit (4GB).

Can someone provide a step-by-step guide on building a Yocto image for the Jetson TX2 Devkit (4GB) and what modifications need to be made in the local.conf file for compatibility? Alternatively, is there a prebuilt Yocto image available that I can flash onto the device without building it on my Ubuntu host PC?

Suggest to contact with Ridgerun for the support. Thanks

Despite repeated attempts to reach RidgeRun, I have not received a response. Therefore, I am turning to you for guidance.

Specifically, I seek advice on the choice between the Dunfell and Kirkstone branches and their suitability for my project’s requirements and compatibility with the Jetson TX2.

Additionally, I am working on an ADAS project using the Jetson TX2 and would appreciate any resources or insights on Yocto and the Jetson platform.

Your expertise would be invaluable to me, and I look forward to your guidance.