C++ sdk

Is there a C++ SDK to the CUOPT? if not should we expect to see one in the future?



Thanks for reaching out. Currently, we only expose Python bindings which sit on top of our C++ APIs. There are no technical blockers in using Python. However, we would like to understand your problem statement in requiring C++ APIs or any limitations you are currently facing with Python.


Hi, thanks for the fast response.
I am guessing that when starting a new Solver from scratch Python (maybe) is the way to go.
But, in my case and I think in many others, there is already an exciting VRP/TSP solver/infrastructure.
Due to the fact that you already have a C++ API, exposing it as well, will make it easier to integrate the cuopt into an exciting solving infrastructure.

For example, take a look here :
Tan, S.Y. and Yeh, W.C., 2021. The Vehicle Routing Problem: State-of-the-Art Classification and Review. Applied Sciences , 11 (21), p.10295.
For the ratio of C++, and Python algorithms implementations.


Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing additional details. This is something we will certainly explore further.