Camera intrinsic calibration using DriveWorks on drive AGX

I know this is the PX2 subforum, but the AGX one is missing the DriveWorks section.

We followed the intrinsic-only calibration steps for calibrating one camera and we are unsure if we did it correctly since some results differ from the ones presented in the tutorial and the output of the camera does not improve in any way.

  1. We have recorded a video with the AprilTag pattern ID:89 using release.json file as a parameter. The file was configured as it is presented in “dwx_recording_devguide_basic_recording.html”. Is this file configured correctly?
    ./recorder-qtgui configs/rwd/hyperion7_1/release.json

  2. We have created the directory structure as it is described. It includes only intrinsics folder and targets.json file.

  3. We have executed the intrinsics calibration application.
    ./calibration-intrinsics-constraints --targetDB=/home/nvidia/Desktop/calib_data/targets.json --input-video=/ota/pkg_data/dw_2019_09_21_01:02:20_000000_release_76cdf0b6-dc0b-11e9-bf7e-00044ba4ef40/camera_front_center_60fov.h264 --output=/home/nvidia/Desktop/calib_data/intrinsics/

  4. We have executed the graph calibration tool. It seems like this application loads some warnings and errors.(logs are attaced in log.txt)
    ./calibration-graph-cli --dir=/home/nvidia/Desktop/calib_data

  5. We have executed the calibrated graph to rig file tool to populate a rig.json file with the results, but it looks diffrent from the one presented in the tutorial.
    ./calibration-graph-to-rig --graph=/home/nvidia/Desktop/calib_data/calibrated-graph.json

  6. We have tested the calibration by running the application sample_camera_gmsl_custom application which uses this rig.json file generated above but it seems like nothing improves.

Could you please advise the problem presented above? (55.9 MB)

Dear liviu.poenaru,
The release.json.Json file given in the configuration folder is sample for reference. Please check Configuration Reference( section for details.
Do you still have issue with calibration? If so, could you please post in DRIVE AGX forum( to get attention from the community.