Can I launch Isaac Sim with Tesla V100?

I am trying to launch Isaac Sim with DGX station.
I use docker image.
I get following error.

2024-04-09 05:58:35 [2,707ms] [Error] [] No device could be created. Some known system issues:
- The driver is not installed properly and requires a clean re-install.
- Your GPUs do not support RayTracing: DXR or Vulkan ray_tracing, or hardware is excluded due to performance.
- The driver cannot enumerate any GPU: driver, display, TCC mode or a docker issue. For Vulkan, test it with Vulkaninfo tool from Vulkan SDK, instead of nvidia-smi.
- For Ubuntu, it requires server-xorg-core 1.20.7+ and a display to work without --no-window.
- For Linux dockers, the setup is not complete. Install the latest driver, xServer and NVIDIA container runtime.

Thank you in advance.

@hijikata_M i dont’ believe so due to lack of RT cores. here’s the dev’s response:

the dev later mentioned A100 wouldn’t be able to run either, just in case you didn’t catch that in the follow up post in that thread.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I’ll look into getting a new PC.

Here’s Isaac Sim’s technical requirement for your convenience when making an upgrade decision:

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