Can I use warp to make page flip animation?

I am creating this Natasha in Sci-fi Library project:

As you see there is a book ( constrained to knee leg bone ) and it looks ok.
Now I would have to create a few pages to flip as Natasha´s hand moves like turning the pages.
This is originally motion capture with a tablet, I guess but looks fine to me from selected camera angles.

Can I use Omniverse warp to control this pretty simple thing?
Or do I have to go to blender and study how do it there?


Hi @pekka.varis , I think some kind of stiff cloth simulation would be best. I think you should look into either the Warp of PhysX cloth sim. examples, possibly you could use the PhysX cloth to attach the page rigidly to the book, and maybe kinematically script a box attached to the corner of a page?

Thank you. Where these Warp of PhysX cloth sim. examples are?