Update for Omniverse create cloth sim?


Is there any information regarding update for physic cloth sim in create?
Since there is some demo for cloth sim that you guys share in Nvidia GTC and Sisgrapg 2022?
Especially this moment in the video ✂️ Cloth Sim - YouTube (SIGGRAPH 2022 VID IN Youtube Channel)

I’d like to try it out since it is a pretty fast cloth sim already but doesn’t have a dynamic shape for Collision yet in the previous version.

Or maybe give us a tutorial for using Warp Cloth sim?

Thank you!

Hello @abetjikan! I will inform the team to get to work on some more in-depth cloth tutorials with physics and WARP!

In the meantime, have you had a chance to check out our Particle Physics Cloth Demo? You can also load the Cloth Deck Chair to see wind blowing the cloth of the chair.

  • Create > Window > Simulation > Tutorials > Particle Cloth
  • Create > Window > Simulation > Demo Scenes > Particles > Cloth Deck Chair

Also check out our tutorial on Particle Cloth Attachments.

For more details using Warp, you can take a look at the WARP Documentation and GitHub Repository.