Particle cloth simulation fail

Was following this tutorial: Particle Simulation — Omniverse Extensions documentation
Also loaded the sample scene demo and set everything to be the same, but I couldn’t achieve the wrinkled effect. Am I missing something? Here’s my file:
Cloth.usd (9.7 KB)

Hello @qazs! I checked out your file and looked at your Particle System Settings. I noticed that your settings were different from the Particle Cloth Demo.

However, when I changed your settings to match, I still wasn’t able to get the desired effect when I played the simulation. I reached out to the Physics team for some help. I will post back here as soon as I have more information!

Hello @qazs! The dev team got back to me. It looks like the mesh you are using for your cloth simulation needs more subdivisions, it is currently just one quad. Currently, the options to create subdivisions is quite limited, but you can go to Create > Mesh > Settings and create a plane with increased subdivisions. I was able to check this out myself and got it working!

Thanks, this works!

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