Can not find the audio2face app on omniverse launch

same wating for 2 days almost

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same issue, cant find audio2face, i mount launch today, so i suppose it is the latest version.

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Same here


same here

RTX 2070 Super
i7 8700
Win 10 (64)

Hi everybody, I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

We have been posting updates in an announcement thread you should see pinned to the Omniverse forums ([Technical Issues] Some Application Downloads will Fail (Updated)), but in case you didn’t see it: we are in the middle of a backend update and while most apps are now downloadable again for new users, we are still working on the remaining few. We will continue to post updates to the above thread.

Thanks for your patience, and feel free to hop on to our community Discord server if you’d like to chat with other users.

By the way, GTC Spring 2022 has been announced, is all virtual, and free! To register and receive the latest news: GTC 2022: #1 AI Conference

I think you should join us there! :)


P.S. The Omniverse documentation site has more info and links to all tutorial videos (under the “Learning and Feedback” category on left nav bar): Omniverse Platform Overview — Omniverse Developer documentation

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are reporting a bug/issue, please provide OS, GPU, GPU Driver, the version of the app, and full log file (if applicable). For crashes, please zip and provide a link to your logs → C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs

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Latest Update! Nucleus Services have been restored. We are still experiencing difficulties with Cache & Audio2Face installations.

What kind of difficulties with the installations? (And why?) Thx.

Update! Cache has installations have been restored. Please download / update to version 2022.1.0. Audio2Face is still down.

Okay, thanks. So what’s your estimate as to when Audio2Face will be up? And more specifically, what kind of difficulties are causing it to still be down?

Thank you for your help!

Also curious about when audio2face availability will return, as I have a face animation related job I’d really like to test this out with.

Two Minute Papers just posted a video this morning about Audio2Face. Prepare to be inundated with more requests for this application to come back online. I’m an animator and I didn’t even know about this until I just watched that video. I could barely hold onto my papers…


Yep, watched the Two Minute Paper video, all stoked to try it out, 1 hour confused googling later and here I am!


Same here, just Saw Two Minutes Parper video about it so I’m kind of frustrated I cannot try this out


So when will Audio2Face be available for download?
Like someone mentioned above, Two-minute papers, the Youtube channel just dropped a video about this, so you’re going to have tons of folks trying to access Audio2Face. This definitely would have helped with platform adoption and growth. A really inopportune time for Nvidia & the omniverse team to not have Audio@Face listed in the Omniverse App store. This way you’ll lose out on getting more folks on board. Also, may be mention somewhere in the documentation that the only way to download this or any other omniverse app is to install via the Omniverse Launcher. That part is also left super unclear


This kind of sucks its been days now and we are eager to use and learn the system. Hopefully things will be restored ASAP.
I thought i was going crazy because i couldn’t find the app to install after building a new rig.

Can’t find it in the download section aswell - RTX2070S, latest driver.

thank you for your patience, it is restored now

@siyuen I couldn’t find audio2face on Omniverse Launcher yet

Thanks for the hard work you guys are putting into this, it’s alive again!