Omniverse Audio2Face Tab not Visible

I installed Omniverse Audio2Face and opened a demo.usd file.
The Audio2face Tab is missing from the right side.
Attached a screenshot:


Can you go to the Audio2Face menu (like image above) and click on it and see if you see the Audio2Face Tool menu. See if you can click on that to display the Audio2Face Tab.

It only shows Character Transfer Tool:

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What version of A2F are you using? The first post you had shows 2021.2.5. Then this one doesn’t show that.

Also can you post the full log? I think if that doesn’t show it could of errored out when the app loads.

Also, just in case pls let us know your system config. Windows version, GPU you are using and driver version. Thanks.

Please find the version details:

Audio2Face version: 2021.2.5

Yes, 1809 will not work. Min Windows 10 version requirement is 1909 or above. That is why the Audio2Face part did not load properly. Update your windows and you should be fine.

Sorry to bring back an old thread, but I’m having this same issue. The A2F tab was visible earlier, but after a few launches it has disappeared and there appears to be no way to bring it back. As an additional side-effect, the OmniHydra Dev Settings window is now popping up every time I launch the software.

My system:
Windows 10, version 21H2 (latest)
NVIDIA driver version 512.15 (latest)
Audio2Face build 2021.3.3 (latest)

As a whole, this software seems rather unstable. Reimporting the target mesh consistently breaks the axis that my Mesh Fit nodes are placed on, and I have to restart the software to get the nodes working correctly again. Deleting Audio Players or Data Exports from the Stage Outliner also seems to mess up the entire Audio2Face tab (when it was working), making it impossible to add new A2F Pipelines. A restart is necessary in this case as well.

I’m not sure if this is still in Beta or not, but there doesn’t seem to be any information labelling it as such. These seem like pretty significant issues for a full-release, if that’s the case. I’ll look forward to future improvements, but as it stands I can’t really recommend this for professional use, unless I’m doing something very wrong to be having these issues…?

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I also lost this window today. Restarted Win10 and I have it again. No other complaints.

@pekka.varis Thanks for this. After starting up my PC again today, the tab is visible again. Still a lot of stability problems but at least this appears to be fixable when it happens.

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