Can PVF supprt CULA?

HI, I want to use CULA libary in PVF,but I could not configure succesfully.

the compile information is as below:

Deleting intermediate and output files for project 'CULAlearning, configuration ‘Release’
Compiling Project …
PGF90/x86 Windows 11.8-0: compilation aborted
Module not found while generating build dependencies; will retry ConsoleApp.f90
F:\CULAlearning\CULAlearning\ConsoleApp.f90(11) : error F0004 : Unable to open MODULE file cula.mod
PGF90/x86 Windows 11.8-0: compilation aborted
CULAlearning build failed.
Build log was saved at “file://F:\CULAlearning\CULAlearning\Win32\Release\BuildLog.htm”

My system is Windows XP
What’s wrong with my cula?

Hi Teslalady,

I can’t think of any reason why you couldn’t use CULA from PVF. This error just indicates that PVF can’t find the CULA module used in this file. To add a module search path, open your project’s properties page and add the path under the “Fortran->Module Path”. You’ll most likely also need to add the library to you Link options.

  • Mat