Can Tx2nx can decode 10bit or 12bit H265?

I can find any about that

10-bit H265 stream is supported. Please refer to the post:
Hdmi yuv422 - #10 by DaneLLL

I update the datasheet,and TX2NX shows that HEVC MAIN10
By the way, I see the datasheet of xavier nx shows that HEVC Main, Main 10, Main 12 Supports HEVC Main 12 (without monochrome) Supports Main 444 12 (without YUV422/YUV400). That means it can suport 12bit HEVC? I want to know which version of the jp can support it?

The software stacks support decoding 10-bit content although hardware decoder is capable of decoding 12-bit content. For the demonstration, please check the sample:


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