10/12bit output from decoder for HEVC

Does the TX2 support 10/12 bit output from the decoder? I know that the decode can decode 10/12bit HEVC input.


Please share detail of your usecase. Why do you require 10/12-bit output?
Since X does not support 10/12-bit YUV, the 10/12-bit output is converted to 8-bit for video rendering.

I am trying to decode 10/12bit HEVC files to get raw 10/12 bit images. It doesn’t matter to me if the output is in any of the YUV formats or RGB. Is there a way to get the 10/12 bit images from the decoder without the conversion? Say may be a normal buffer or as a buffer to the GPU?

Do you use gstreamer or MM APIs? In both interfaces we have samples to do CUDA post-processing. Please check and comment.
It has not been implemented for 10/12 bit and please share more information of your case.

I am using gstreamer and CUDA.

When you say “It has not been implemented for 10/12 bit”, do you mean that the decoder will always output 8bit images and there is no way to get 10/12bit output?

Just a bit confused. Could you please let me know.


The SW is not ready and 10/12bit HEVC stream cannot be played on r27.1.

We shall have 10bit HEVC stream video playback ready on next release, but the 10-bit buffer is not accessible.

For your case, is it good to access it via nvivafilter like: