gstomx: h265 10 bit decoding

I have a jetson TX1 platform and was experimenting with the video decoders (h265) decoders. So far so good, I could play around with gstreamer plugins to make the decoder work.

I read somewhere that it has 10 bit output.

How can I enable the 10 bit decoding ? What is the layout of this output ?
How do I get access to the 10 bit output to do some processing with it ?


Hi jetson_dev111,

Currently 10 bit support is not present at gst level.
It is planned to be ready in coming release.
Once any clear schedule, I will do the update again.


Hi kayccc,

Would this be part of an immediate release?


Hi RajkumarIgnitarium

No, it’s no ready yet.
Once any confirmed schedule, I will share with you.