Can you please release tensorflow for python 3.7? We need it for python 3.7

Our camera manufacturer’s SDK is built on Python 3.7 and its been a real nightmare installing scipy etc from source! Right now im still building bazel from source so i can build tensorflow from source…

Nvidia does great work and innovation however its a major pain and time consuming process for us to go and install everything.

I would really like the wheel file for tensorflow-gpu for python 3.7 im tired of dealing with OS errors for compiling things from scratch! After 1 week, i was able to install scipy on python 3.7 after finally caving in and building it from source.

It would be greatly appreciated if Nvidia could speed up and post the files so we have options. Running on a USB webcam is not ideal for a production environment!



This request is already passed to our internal team and will be prioritized internally.
We will let you know for any further news.


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I did it!! TensorFlow Python 3.7 Wheels are here!

Here you go! TensorFlow Python 3.7 Wheels are here!

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Thanks for your sharing.

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Hi, your pccloud link is dead, can I please ask for your built wheel for python3.7?

hey! Sorry i canceleld pcloud and got dropbox instead. Here they are Dropbox - TFwheels - Simplify your life

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Thank you so much for this, you just saved me hours on this.