Cannot add delay for BasicWriter in Replicator SDK script


I am trying to generate synthetic data using the new Replicator SDK in Isaac Sim (2022.1.0). While trying to record the data using BasicWriter from ‘omni.replicator.core’, everything works fine but the rate at which the frame is changing, my GPU is not able to properly apply the textures in the scene. There is some pixel blur due to it. (Image attached for reference).

When I add interval in between two frames the textures are loaded properly but the writer keeps storing the data in between that interval continuously. Meaning, the same frame keeps on getting stored. For example, the image above is stored 10 times until there is a change in frame.

I want to save the data only when there is a frame change. Is there any possible way to do it ? Please let me know.

System Specs :
GPU - RTX 3090 24GB
CPU - AMD Thread Ripper 32 Cores
RAM - 128 GB

Thanks in advance.


Hello @mayank.ukani! Thanks for reaching out to us! I’ve requested some help from the dev team. I’ll post back here when I have more information!

Hi there,

can you check if this happens using the latest release (2022.1.1)? If yes, would it be possible to share a code snippet on how you generate the data?



I checked with the latest version of the Isaac sim (2022.1.1) using the same script I was using before. The issue still persist. I am attaching the code snippet in this reply. Please look into it. Thanks for the reply! (1016 Bytes)


Can you try increasing the capturing frame interval:

rep.settings.carb_settings("/omni/replicator/RTSubframes", 3)


Adding the frame capture interval resolved the issue. Thanks a lot for your time and help!


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