Cannot boot with any driver version on Ubuntu 19.04

I am running 19.04 with kernel 5.0.0-16-generic. I only have Ubuntu installed. I have a Nvidia 1070 graphics card. After a recent update, I was unable to startup. The process freezes with a blinking cursor after the message “bpfilter started”.

The only solution I could find was to remove all nvidia drivers (after trying to install 430, 418, 410, 396, and 390 from the graphics ppa). Now I am only using only X. HDMI output and any type of graphic intensive work is impossible, which is frustrating as I am a game developer.

I have already disabled secure boot. I tried disabling UEFI boot mode but then my boot hangs on a blinking cursor immediately after the bios screen. I believe my boot partition is EFI. I have attempted to disable Wayland in gmd3. Here is my /etc/gdm3/custom.conf:

# GDM configuration storage
# See /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas for a list of available options.

# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg

# Enabling automatic login
#  AutomaticLoginEnable = true
#  AutomaticLogin = user1

# Enabling timed login
#  TimedLoginEnable = true
#  TimedLogin = user1
#  TimedLoginDelay = 10




# Uncomment the line below to turn on debugging
# More verbose logs
# Additionally lets the X server dump core if it crashes

How can I boot with my graphics card functioning? How can I safely install the nvidia drivers?

Please install the nvidia drivers from ppa, try to boot. If it hangs, reboot to recover and run
sudo journalctl -b-1 --no-pager >journal.txt
and attach the output file. Attaching files:
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journal.txt (299 KB)

It’s an Optimus system and you’ve ‘nomodeset’ kernel parameter set which is killing the igpu, please remove it and if it still doesn’t work, please run as root from recovery and attach the output file ‘nvidia-bug-report.log.gz’.

Thank yo so much for your patient help. Removing nodemodeset allowed me to boot sucessfully. I think I know what happened:

  1. My installation wasn’t working due to secure boot.
  2. I enabled nomodeset to sucessfully start without X originally to remove drivers.
  3. After disabling secure boot, allowing the drivers to work, I forgot to enable it, thus blocking them again… Apologies for the mistake.

I am now successfully running 4.30. However, I did have another issue. My external HDMI monitor was totally unrecognized. I found the solution in the second answer of this ask ubuntu question:, which explains it may be necessary to switching to lightdm, which worked for me. The first answer, which suggests commenting out the ‘nvidia-drm modeset=1’ had no effect. Is there something else I should do here, or should I just stick with lightdm? Do I need to make another thread about this?

Known GDM bug, just stick with lightdm.

Thanks so much for everything.