Cannot build nvidia driver for F24 with GTX 980

I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to get the driver installed on F24 recently.

First, I have to remove the 980 from the system and use integrated graphics to even install F24 - if the 980 is being used, the installer will either simply appear to hang at a black screen indefinitely, or will dump nouveau errors before going to a black screen.

Removing the card and doing a normal install goes fine with integrated (though it does produce a lot of tearing on screen, unsure if this is an important detail or not), however even after install if I use the 980 then after selecting F24 from GRUB, I get black screens.

So, I try and do the same procedure I’ve done in the past for the nvidia driver. Download the installer, blacklist nouveau, boot into runlevel 3, etc…

The 367 driver does not even attempt to build, it immediately fails with a non-descript “Failed to build” error in nvidia-installer.log. The 370 driver appears to build but the installation is halted with “ERROR: Unable to load ‘nvidia-drm’ kernel module” (and no further details in nvidia-installer.log). However, if I reboot with the 980 installed at that point, I get video - but only for a short time. After about 30 minutes of use, video cuts out and I am left with a black screen. Unfortunately, nothing is recorded in the journal for this time. When I reboot after this has occurred, I will either get the same behavior (about 30 minutes of use) or I will simply get an indefinite black screen after GRUB. The latter happens more often than not.

This occurs whether I use 1, 2 or 3 monitors with the card. For reference, the card works without error under 100% load in Windows 10.

Why try to DIY?

Installing akmod-nvidia results in the same behavior as the nouveau driver - black screens after GRUB. In fact after installing akmod-nvidia I cannot even get to runlevel 3 with the 980 installed.

You need to provide more informations such as the output attached.
You should probably connect with ssh (verify to have ssh enabled).

BTW, there is a more dedicated setup if you are in the optimus case.