Cannot download Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board B02 Design Files

When I try to download xavirer design files, nothing happened in current chrome tab page.
If I open it in a new tab, it closes immediately.
So I press F12 see what’s happening:

downloads#?search=layout&tx=$product,jetson_agx_xavier:1 Mixed Content: The site at ‘’ was loaded over a secure connection, but the file at ‘’ was redirected through an insecure connection. This file should be served over HTTPS. This download has been blocked. See Chromium Blog: Protecting users from insecure downloads in Google Chrome for more details.

This should be posted in the Jetson AGX Xavier forum. I will move it over for you.

Are you the member of Developer program?
Could you try with other browsers to see if still happened?


I don’t know how to identify whether I’m a member of Developer program.
But I can flash my xavier target by SDKManager after loging.

I tried FireFox v95 on my workstation in which Ubuntu 18.04.6 64bit installed. It works.

Here is the test result today:

That might be Chrome issue, I didn’t know where the problem is as I can download it with my external account on desktop.

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