Cannot enable SPI on Jetson Nano emmc

Hello everyone, I surfed the internet and all the forum looking for solutions to enable SPI on Jetson Nano emmc production module but I didn’t find any tidy guide that works. I made many attempts but SPI still does not work. Unfortunately I know doesn’t work on this board. I hope in your support.

Have check below topic.

I tried several times to execute the various steps in the thread you indicated but I stole several hours of work and in the end I never had physical signals coming out of the SPI on the oscilloscope. It is very strange that there are no scripts from Nvidia for a production module or a simple guide that allows you to enable a pin in a short time. So please let me know if there is something acceptable because it is not possible to lose days of work to enable one pin.

There’s jetson-io for none EMMC module to configure those PINs.
What’s your BSP version?

cat /etc/nv_tegra_release

Attached is the dtb for r32.6.1 for your reference.
nano-spi.dtb (233.6 KB)

I have EMMC module (also called production module). Is there a script or a simple way to enable SPI? I trust in you help, I’m not interested in SD or none emmc modules because on that boards Jetson-io worked fine. Thank you.

Please @ShaneCCC , is it possible to have a tested step by step procedure if there is no script an there is no other simplest ways? Can you suggest here the procedure? Thanks

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