Cannot git clone Modulus examples from Gitlab

Thanks, but it also give me this, maybe my username is wrong.

Hi @shimanukilagrantql7846

The user: Shuma Yoshioka · GitLab

Has access to the Modulus repos. E.g.

So this link does not work when logged into that account?

yes, this link does not work

Hi @shimanukilagrantql7846

We tried re-syncing the authentication, please try again. From our perspective this is an issue between your account and Gitlab. On our side you’ve been granted the correct permissions.

Sorry, I seem to have submitted the wrong username, my correct GitLab username is shimanukilagrantql7846, but I can’t resubmit.

Hi @shimanukilagrantql7846

So to confirm, we can remove your_username and replace it with shimanukilagrantql7846?

Yes, thank you very much

You should be added now. Thanks.

Hi, I cannot access the Gitlab examples.
I have already get Gitlab account registered. It mentions I have already submitted this form. But I never receive the email.

My gitlab username is yusuke_shimono

Hi @yuusuke.shimono

We re-added you to the repo, please try accessing it again.

Hi, @ngeneva

Thank you very much. I can access it!

Hello @ngeneva,

I am currently trying to have access to modulus, can someone grant me the access to the gitlab repository please ? My username is male or you can try MaximeLee.

Best regards.

Hi @ngeneva could you please grant me access to the gitlab modulus repository? My gitlab username is thanos-gitlab. Thanks so much!

Hi @thanos

Can you please confirm that you’ve submitted the access forum on dev zone? Thanks!

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Hi @ngeneva I have now been granted access to the repo (through dev zone). Thanks so much!

Hi, I have the same issue.
My gitlab username is:


Thanks for your help.

Hi @517287648

Can you please confirm that you’ve submitted the access forum on dev zone using your correct username? Thanks!

I am having the same issue trying to access Nvidia Modulus source code on Gitlab. My user name is swapan2. Can you please help ?

yes, I can confirm that. The above picture is my submission history.

Same issue here.

The language keeps changing here and there so the updated examples are the main source.

Sent my registration more than 6 months ago and nothing.

My GitLab username is farrate