Cannot import opencv, tensorflow, keras after installation

I installed tensorflow using this link:
It was successful.
I installed keras using sudo pip3 install keras. It succeeded.
I installed opencv using this guide: Install OpenCV 3.2.0 with Jetpack 4.2.2 and How to install opencv-python for python3.6. It installs successfully.

BUT I am unable to import them in my Python Code. If I check help('modules'). None of installed packages are showing.


Which JetPack version do you use?
For JetPack4.4 GA, OpenCV is preinstalled so you don’t need to do it manually.




If there is no dependency on the JetPack4.2, it’s recommended to use latest software instead.

For JetPack4.2, the default OpenCV package only includes C++ interface.
Please install the python version via this command:

$ sudo apt-get install python-opencv



I have installed the Tensorflow and Keras. However, I was unable to import those …

When i import tensorflow or keras, I am receiving like ModuleNot Found Error. can anyone please help me to resolve the problem.

Hi bmuralikrishna416,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks