cannot install Cuda 9.1 on My Thinkpad T480(MX150)

enviroment : Windows 10 64bit(1803 installed yesterday)
gpu : Nvidia MX150
driver : 397.31-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe

When I try install Cuda 9.1, setup program told me “this graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware~~~”.
What can I do more?

The solution is to follow the instruction in the full setup program message. Deselect the driver and continue the install. This will keep your 397.31 driver which will work fine with any recent version of CUDA.

thinks your reply.
I deselect the driver(in cuda toolkit) and continue the install. but finally install failed.
all components are not installed.

Any resolution on this problem? I am having the same problem with a Lenovo T480 with MX150 on it.