Cannot login: Something Went Wrong

What’s the Something exactly in Something Went Wrong when login?

I can download only one file after loging in. If I want to download anther file by click Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer, I’ve to clear all cache then reopen the browser and login again. Or I cannot back to download center since I got a tip “Your login token has expired. Please clear your cache and try again” and be redirected to nvidia homepage! But I just login in several minutes! So Why Expired?

I don’t know whether this issue is related to url redirecting: How to avoid redirecting to and show only one language once logined in?

And while creating this Topic, I got a tip of “Draft is being edited in another window. Please reload this page.” and I cann’t just close it because there is no close buttion. AND there is no another window I’m editing!

Hi Keelung,

This should now be fixed.

Hi TomK,
Seems Something Went Wrong gone.

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