cannot open input file cudart_static.lib or cudart.lib while trying to run deviceQuery

I’m really new to using cuda programming and after receiving error while trying to install tensorflow-gpu I was directed to walk through the installation guide provided by NVidia. I’ve figured otu how to include the standard libraries for VS to use when compiling, but now it says that it cannot open input file cudart_static.lib, I saw another post on here, but after trying to follow its directions for visual studio 2005, I have gotten no further.

To clarify, there are no syntax errors in the project, but when I build it, I get the above error, it starts as cudart_static.lib, but when I follow the directions on the other post and add cudart.lib to the Linker>Input directory it switches to not being able to open cudart.lib instead.

I’m trying to run the sample program deviceQuery to ensure that my installation is valid, I’ve installed CUDA 10, and the latest Graphics drivers for my GTX 1070. I’m trying to use the sample programs using VS 2017

please help me, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Using $(CUDA_LIB_PATH) does not work, you need to physically add the path in your Referenced Libraries directory list
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v10.0\lib[either win32 or x64]

Go to Project Properties and visit the locations shown in the images below and add the directories the project will search for the files:

Once you build successfully, run the project and you should view the output: