Cannot receive the CAN Frame (Jetson Agx Orin)

I have mounted the CAN0 and CAN1 when i check with ifconfig command. But When i used can-utils to test the data transmittion…there haven’t any received the data…please comment what wrong that i done. Thank You

Have you followed the instruction at Controller Area Network (CAN) — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (

I have followed the the instruction and created a “.sh” file for set up CAN feature when start up Jetson, but there still can not recived the CAN frame. And the devices log also shown " No Bufer space available" , then I inputed commands " $ cangen -L 8 can0 -p 1000" but there haven’t any response…

I have received the data after I added a 120 Ohm resistor with CAN_H and CAN_L. Thank You for your help!!

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