AGXXavier cannot communicate properly with Can

Hello everyone, my name is Zihang, I tried to use CAN communication on AGXXavier, I tried his configuration following the web guru’s tutorial ( can-on-nvidia-Jetson-Xavier - developer-Kit-aaaa3c4d99c9), The transceiver is purchased and installed, but CAN communication still cannot be used. May I ask what is the problem? I tried to use CAN to communicate with a standard CAN device, but received no response.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes, I still can’t implement CAN communication on AGX Xavier

Hi ChuZiHang,
Please refer:

Go through the doc completely and check all the possible fail cases.


Please check CAN clock and bitrate of can0 and can1 using:
ip -d -s link show can0
ip -d -s link show can1
Bitrate should be same to transfer messages. Also CAN pinmux settings should be correct.