AGXXavier cannot communicate properly with Can

Hello everyone, my name is Zihang, I tried to use CAN communication on AGXXavier, I tried his configuration following the web guru’s tutorial ( can-on-nvidia-Jetson-Xavier - developer-Kit-aaaa3c4d99c9), The transceiver is purchased and installed, but CAN communication still cannot be used. May I ask what is the problem? I tried to use CAN to communicate with a standard CAN device, but received no response.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes, I still can’t implement CAN communication on AGX Xavier

Hi ChuZiHang,
Please refer:

Go through the doc completely and check all the possible fail cases.


Please check CAN clock and bitrate of can0 and can1 using:
ip -d -s link show can0
ip -d -s link show can1
Bitrate should be same to transfer messages. Also CAN pinmux settings should be correct.

After configuration according to the tutorial in the link you sent, the other end still did not receive the message.