Cannot start profiling a Vulkan app.

I cannot start profiling a simple vulkan application with nsight-systems. Maybe i am missing something.

The profiling cannot start and fails with the following error:

StartAnalysisError (4105) {
    RuntimeError (120) {
        OriginalExceptionClass: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implIN11QuadDCommon16RuntimeExceptionEEE
        OriginalFile: /build/agent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Host/Analysis/Clients/AnalysisHelper/AnalysisStatus.cpp
        OriginalLine: 80
        OriginalFunction: static QuadDAnalysis::AnalysisHelper::AnalysisStatus::StatusInfo QuadDAnalysis::AnalysisHelper::AnalysisStatus::MakeFromErrorString(QuadDAnalysis::AnalysisHelper::AnalysisStatus::StatusType, QuadDAnalysis::AnalysisHelper::AnalysisStatus::ErrorType, const string&, const DevicePtr&)
        ErrorText: Failed to start analysis.

Profiling options:
DeviceId: "Local"
EventTypes {
  Items: CpuCycles
  Items: Vulkan
RateHz: 10000
HowToStart: Manual
HowToStop: Delayed
DeviceType: Unix
DeviceDisplayName: "eve"
VulkanOptions {
  CollectGPUWorkload: true


Version: 2020.1.1.65-085319d Linux
OS: Ubuntu 19.10
GPU: RTX 2070
CPU: Intel i7 6700k

Hi gouz,

Please activate the Nsight Systems log as detailed in the following steps:

  1. Copy host-linux-x64/nvlog.config.template to target-linux-x64/nvlog.config
  2. Re-run the trace
  3. Look for a file named nsight-sys.log at the same directory.

You can upload the file to this thread or send it via email (more private) to:

I will look for reasons for the failure in the log.



Hi dofek,

I retried and it seems to work just ok after the latest Ubuntu 19.10 updates.