Can't bring up connectx-2 with connectx-4 lx by dac cable(MCP2100-X003B)

I want to connect connectx-2 to connectx-4 lx by dac cable(the model is Mellonax MCP2100-X003B), but found that the link can’t be up.

If i use the same cable to connect connectx-4 lx port1 to port2, it’s ok.

Any one has the same problem?


OS: Win10 1809


firmware: 2.9.1200


connectx-4 lx(MCX4121A-ACAT)

firmware: 14.24.1000

driver: 2.10.20286.0

connectx-2 → connectx-4 port1 link down

connectx-2 → connectx-4 port2 link down

connectx-4 lx port1 → connectx-4 lx port2 link up

resolved by updating connectx-2’s firmware to 2.10.720 and reinstall winof driver.

About how to update firmware to 2.10.720:Mellanox ConnectX-2 Firmware

Thank you.