Cant download Omniverse Launcher - 403 Error

I’m trying to download the latest launcher - however like others here on the forum, seems I too am getting 403 error!
Any idea when this will be sorted please?!?

Any ideas or suggestions @WendyGram ?

Searching the forum, seems there was a similar problem a few months back and they purposely stopped downloads to resolve a technical issue they were having. Has the issue cropped up again, or what seems to be the issue?

Kind regards

Hello @omniverse3! I respoonded to your other post here: (Cant install anything from exchange - http502 errors) A 403 error usually means that the server understands the request but refuses to authorize it. Be sure to take a look at that post!

I’d like to take a look at a copy of your launcher logs from here: C:\Users.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher
They might help us identify what the issue is.

Thanks @WendyGram
I sent you a PM

Sent you another PM @WendyGram

Hello @omniverse3! I replied to your pm.

Thanks @WendyGram I replied again in PM, with some more interesting info.

Hi @WendyGram

Just checking in if you could find any more info, or what you found 2 weeks ago and told me in PM was pretty much the final answer?

Hi, @omniverse3 @WendyGram Did you resolve the issue? I uninstalled all packages and launcher and now can’t install the launcher back due to the same 403 error you mentioned in this topic. Please, help!

@WendyGram So NVIDIA just banned all downloads for Omniverse from Ukraine? Is it your famous support for Ukraine, which suffered from russian aggression right now?


Same problem.

Have same problem, trying to download it from Ukraine. Any chances to get rid of error 403?

Same problem. Cannot download Omniverse from Ukraine. Would like ot be able to do it.

Just try to use any VPN. This should resolve the problem with download.

Same here.
It looks like you are actually banning all users from Ukraine. it’s strange, to say the least.
I have to use VPN?