Omniverse Launcher download URL is down


As of March 2nd, 19:58 PT the Omniverse download page responds with the following error message for both windows and Linux URL. Could you please fix that so I can download the product?

<Message>The specified bucket does not exist</Message>


I have the same issue, both with Chorme and Firefox.

Likewise on this end; both Windows and Linux downloads are still broken.

Was hoping to get familiar with Omniverse before the Warp talk…

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Same here. Try to fix it before the Warp, please. Thanks.

I’m having the same problem as well. Hope the issue gets fixed soon.

Same problem here. Is there an alternate method?

Me too

+1 cannot even install nucleus

For me both, windows and linux downloads are still broken. I would be interested in an alternative way to download omniverse, is there one?

Today March 4, still the same problem. Has anyone found the solution? NVIDA Fix it please.

This poster comes out:
NoSuchBucket The specified bucket does not existinstall.launcher.omniverse.nvidia.comGC3YQ1NGG2VAYAVAUrFTkMaUxUsDfmo0oNHc/5EPiPVk1D6OHPrmdO2CUIlkR5F7g/fZWMcoIcppL5qduEiUHUK+wCM=

Yeap!! it is March 4th and the issue still persists. Just wasted an hour trying to figure this out. Glad to see someone’s raised it already. Hope a fix is issued ASAP!!

+1. Down for me as well.

The Omniverse download link still does not work. Is there an alternate way to download this great software?

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Download link works now. But I cannot add a local Nucleus service. Any help is highly appreciated.
Edit: Seems like we have to wait until the download service is fully restored.

Is the nucleus working?? Anyone?

@sasa Same here, unfortunately nucleus is down for me as well.

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Hello Everyone! We are having some technical issues and have had to suspend new installations of Audio2Face, Nucleus, and Cache. Please take a look at this post for the latest updates!

Latest Update! Nucleus Services have been restored. We are still experiencing difficulties with Cache & Audio2Face installations.

Update! Cache has installations have been restored. Please download / update to version 2022.1.0. Audio2Face is still down.

Thank you for the update.