Issue with using Nvidia Omniverse in Ukraine (error 403)

I tried to use Nvidia Omniverse platform, and got some issues. I have error 403 trying to download launcher and the same error in launcher. It works only when I use vpn. I am very confused, because I am on the territory that is not under company sanctions. May you fix this, I can proof my location and citizenship.
May you fix this for all ukrainians, because I see the same reports from May 2022


The problem still exists. It is impossible to download or run Omniverse from Ukraine.
I am in Kyiv. It is the capital of Ukraine, far from the war zone and territories subject to sanctions.


I have the same issue. Please fix.

I am sorry to hear this. As suggested above you can try to use a VPN to get around this. But if you are unable to connect there is not much we can do.

Also having the same issue - I’m also far from warzone and don’t have access to Nvidia resources like Remix and Omniverse

Sad to say we have to block Ukraine at the moment. It is not our company decision but the general rules. I know that is disappointing.

“general rules” Can you eplain more? I bought your 3090 and can’t use it, why?

it is probably in reference to the sanctions/limitations set by the US government on business entities to avoid conflict of interests, but that’s just a guess on my part.

We are under an obligation to not allow our hardware or software technology to be used in a country if it is under international restrictions, and right now, sadly Ukraine is because of the Russian conflict. Hopefully that will change very soon.